Balance Tattoo

Libra’s Strive for Balance

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My birthday is in 9 days! How did this creep up on me this year? I swear adulting gets in the way of what is really important sometimes and as a libra who strives for balance, that is completely unacceptable! So here is my Balance Tattoo!! Since last year I’ve been mentally creating a new tattoo idea for myself. I have a few I think about on and off but this one speaks to me differently. As a Libra, I’m a firm believer in balance and as a fan of wolves, I believe we all have an inner wolf, an inner self. That acts and reacts off of basic instincts. Originally the idea was simple, two circles that overlap, one black and …


Art Therapy

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So I got lots of work done recently. Like everything got a bit of love and I actually tried an attempt at a concept I’ve been wanting to try for a minute! It’s perfect. I was in a bit of a funk but some art therapy completely brought me to life. First off — you gotta follow Pratik Naik and Bella Kotak. They are amazing at their job and the creativity is so inspiring. They released a photoshop action (basically a PS filter) that people could try on their photos for free and I actually played around it. I have no interested in being a professional retoucher but it would definitely be nice to fix up our personal photos and balance …

I’ve slipped and it’s time to get up

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I know it’s been a minute. A lot has been and not been happening. I know that’s incorrect English or improper English but it literally describes my life right. But I’ve slipped and it’s time to get up. Stressed, hectic, filled with anxiety and yet NOTHING is going on. Okay so my hand is somewhat better and my ass could be back at the gym but I haven’t been. First, it was the gym was too cold (like my throat would start hurting after 5 minutes) then I was like oh I’ll just work out in the apartment. Which ended up with me trying workout while binge watching Netflix and then just sitting around in gym clothes doing half ass …

Power of 4

The Power of 4

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I love love love how these turned out. There are so many things I’d love to use this for Rebranded Olympics Logo even though I’m a few rings short. Symbols of our elements (fire, earth, air, water) and used in an awesome Sci-Fi movie. The logos of leading families, powers, planets, tribes and how they work for and against one another. Plus a forbidden romance! Captain Planet (the abstract version) b/c how bad ass would that be!! But for me, for now here is what they are, in order Perseverance, Achievement, Guidance, and Fluidity. Perseverance or rebirth because through the darkness, through the tough times, the lonely nights, the void mornings we come out to the other side anew. Achievement, which …


Professional Art Prints

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  Alright so here is the surprise/come back I’ve been working on.  The one I thought I’d be months behind on after my accident. I had beat my self inflicted deadline of submitting my print order by Monday by 3 days and in doing so I got my prints today.  6 Days after I put in my order and let me tell you…I am BLOWN AWAY. I just didn’t ever think this time would come.  I didn’t think I’d feel comfortable really putting myself out there.  But over time (4 years on and off) I’ve slowly built up my skills and my will to follow my passions. AHHH!


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I’m stalling…idk why I’m stalling but I’m keenly aware of it. I got my cast removed on Monday. My fracture isn’t 100% but I’m close to 90% functional on my day to day tasks. My fitness tasks are another story but I’m hopeful that by next week I can jump back into it. I’m still stalling though. In other areas of my life. Luckily it’s mostly in my personal and not professional. I think my clients are actually benefiting from me stalling. I spend more time on their projects. More time avoiding my other goals…my other dreams. Tasks that should take me 30 mins to complete take up an hour or hour and half. I’m letting myself get distracted. I’m …

Our Anniversary!

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It’s my anniversary! If you asked my husband it’s our 1st year. But if you want to be right, it’s our 2nd. lol The accident last week really threw things off. Luckily I was able to get my cast off this morning and we spent the weekend in Malibu. But this anniversary feels different. Heavier in some ways. If you know me then you also know we spent the weekend have board meetings. Board Meetings – where me and my husband discuss what is working and what isn’t working in our relationship. Our goals individually and together. As well as where we talk about what we need from the other person and what we don’t need (ie. sass lol). Most …


Hit, Flip, and Roll

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I can’t even figure out where to begin. I don’t know how to even explain what happen. One minute I was running errands and the next my car is sideways and I’m holding a strangers hand freaking the fuck out. Excuse my language but take a look and tell me it’s not warranted. This was my car… The windshield is missing bc they had to pull it off to get me out. Oh, and as for me…I walked out. I walked the fuck out of my windshield. Excuse the language but it’s just insane. The universe, god, the force — had my back! One scratch, bruising, and a fractured knuckle on my left hand….my painting and writing hand. That’s what …

RIP MS Angel

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A couple of weeks ago we lost a really good friend from PK’s friend circle and it has had us; as a group, a couple, and me just thinking about a lot of different things. Life is so unpredictable. We all know this but with routines, daily 9-5’s, weekly shows, bi-weekly paychecks, monthly bills, yearly holidays. I think sometimes we forget how volatile everything truly is and how our need to control, schedule, and a plan only goes so far. Rosie died young and suddenly. No long term illness, no known medical issues, one night she was here and the next she was gone. Another thing I’ve been thinking about. Is in the three years I lived in New York I …

The Soul

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Is the soul one entity or a transcendent being comprised of multiple parts and pieces rigged and jigsawed together? I was listening to this song on the radio where he claims he never has to see the northern lights or the Eiffel Tower at night as long as his hand is in hers. I love the song I think it’s super sweet. But I don’t agree with it. Yes, I’m happy with his hand in mine and yes I love our days together. But my wanderlust, my desire to explore, and experience new things feels like a completely different part of me. I guess what I’m saying is you can be happy in one part of your life and not …