the universe exploded

The Universe Exploded

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Last night the universe exploded —

I had a series of bizarre visions last night.  Visions that can easily be described as dreams or nightmares depending on the interpretation.  But in the depths of it — they were nightmares, strong, frightening stories and visions that I could see and feel so clearly that I do believe they are true.  In the various alternate realities that co-exist with this one.

But that is a discussion for another day.

Today I’ll share with you the last vision I had.  The one where the universe exploded right before my eyes and within my reach.  The vision that had shaken me to the core at 4:30 in the morning and wouldn’t let me fall back asleep until 6:00 am.

(disclaimer: please forgive me if I use any of the incorrect terms to describe space)

I was waiting at home, a home I’m unfamiliar with in this reality, for my dad to arrive from work.  It felt like an apartment, the lighting was dim but there was plenty of things displayed around the house to show it was ours.  It had been ours from a while from the looks of the blurry items scattered and placed throughout the room.

My dad comes home, we have a quick meal and suddenly we’re walking up steps/ramps to get to the top of a hill.  A hill that has been developed with buildings, trees, flowers, benches.  It looks and feels like a college campus.  We get to the highest level and the temperature feels like nothing.  I don’t recall being hot or cold but somehow it was the perfect night to sleep beneath the stars.

It was something we may have done before b/c neither of us (me and my dad) seemed phased by this.  My dad selected his bench and I selected mine and he simply turned to face the tree as he slept.  I lay on my back looking directly to the sky and it caught my breath.  To say it was beautiful is meaningless, there are no words to clearly describe how magnificent the universe looked that night.  But I’ll make the attempt…

Envision the sky glittered with stars, stars so bright and clear they twinkle like the white lights you see during christmas and space, space looks like an elixir made of deep purples, the darkest of blues and the depths of “nothing beyond here” black.  A green nebulous dances across the distance like a never-ending ribbon that barely begins to show the hints of yellow. As the nebulous dances across the stars and the stars give light to the vibrant nebulous there is Earth, in the distance but perfectly clear, healthy and vibrant, shouting colors of bright green grass, vivacious oceans blues, and life sustaining brown.

Feeling blessed I turn to my dad and whisper “dad….dad…psst….dad look” Not wanting to fully wake him but enough to wrestle him from his slumber.  He turns to me and I nod towards the universe.

We both turn to look and within the millisecond gray streaks of gas/clouds/smoke — something start shooting over us.  They get thicker and thicker until you can no longer see the universe above you.  The gray substance enters our atmosphere and lands on a tree in front of us which promptly bursts in the flames.

Flames, trees, screams, we run down hill.  As we make our way down the ramps and stairs we pass 3 people going in the opposite direction. Completely confused as to why they would go up and not down — we continue.  We come across this little girl, she’s rightfully hysterical so I tell her to come with us.  We get to the ground floor and I lose sight of my dad.

I look up and what looks to be a comet hits the side of the building and rolls down the side (absolutely unbelievable!).  When it hits the ground the impact causes an explosion.  We survive but the fear of the universe exploding wakes me up.

I lay perfectly still, staring up at my ceiling, the light from the window allows me to make out different items in my rooms fairly quickly.  Not much pupil adjustment needed.  I lay still attempting to hold my breath as I listen for the universe…waiting for it to fall out of the sky.

The fear was numbing and overwhelming, however after some time, conversations, and contemplation I believe it symbolizes a safe and beautiful universe exploding to make room for the new.  I’m excited to see what 2015 brings.

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