I’ve slipped and it’s time to get up

Krishna Patel Novice Adult 0 Comments

I know it’s been a minute. A lot has been and not been happening. I know that’s incorrect English or improper English but it literally describes my life right. But I’ve slipped and it’s time to get up.

Stressed, hectic, filled with anxiety and yet NOTHING is going on.

Okay so my hand is somewhat better and my ass could be back at the gym but I haven’t been. First, it was the gym was too cold (like my throat would start hurting after 5 minutes) then I was like oh I’ll just work out in the apartment. Which ended up with me trying workout while binge watching Netflix and then just sitting around in gym clothes doing half ass 10 min workouts.

Then I got sick and BAM – haven’t worked out at all.

Let’s not even getting into my food habits. They are half good and half terrible. But guess what, half good isn’t enough. It’s bs. It’s lying to myself.

On top of this, I’ve been slacking on my store. I’ve let anxiety and fear totally run me down.

The worse culprit is apartment hunting. There are apartments out there but you have to be the first to get your application in and with there are definitely more renters than rentable apartments. So yea.

I haven’t even been writing morning pages which is just blasphemous. So this is me putting it out there and trying to get my ass back in gear. It’s time for some structure and some self-love. B/c when I do good things for me, I feel good and when I feel good I do good. And in a world with so much shit — good is a necessity.