Power of 4

The Power of 4

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I love love love how these turned out.

There are so many things I’d love to use this for
Rebranded Olympics Logo even though I’m a few rings short.
Symbols of our elements (fire, earth, air, water) and used in an awesome Sci-Fi movie.
The logos of leading families, powers, planets, tribes and how they work for and against one another. Plus a forbidden romance!
Captain Planet (the abstract version) b/c how bad ass would that be!!

But for me, for now here is what they are, in order Perseverance, Achievement, Guidance, and Fluidity.

Perseverance or rebirth because through the darkness, through the tough times, the lonely nights, the void mornings we come out to the other side anew.

Achievement, which is achieved and obtained through chaos. Through the mess. Sometimes we have to break ourselves to better put ourselves together. Through the mess, the pain, the healing, and rehab we achieve new greatness.

Guidance because nothing is done alone. You weren’t brought here alone, you weren’t raised alone, you aren’t on this journey alone and you won’t complete this life alone. Something or someone is always there a guiding force, a protective hand. God, the Universe, the Holy Spirit, Allah.

Fluidity to remind us to go with the flow. To stop trying to control everything and everyone around us. Remember that everything in life has a 50% chance. Of working out or not working out. Yes, there are variables that help or hurt. But keep it simple. Keep your eye on the main goal and stay fluid.

I hope you love these as much as I do!