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I’m stalling…idk why I’m stalling but I’m keenly aware of it.

I got my cast removed on Monday. My fracture isn’t 100% but I’m close to 90% functional on my day to day tasks.

My fitness tasks are another story but I’m hopeful that by next week I can jump back into it.

I’m still stalling though. In other areas of my life. Luckily it’s mostly in my personal and not professional. I think my clients are actually benefiting from me stalling. I spend more time on their projects. More time avoiding my other goals…my other dreams.

Tasks that should take me 30 mins to complete take up an hour or hour and half. I’m letting myself get distracted. I’m stalling.

I’m aware. This is progress.
Awareness is progress.

If you are stalling, if there is something you are avoiding. Be honest about it. Say it out loud. “I know I’m avoiding _____” Then ask yourself “Why?” If you don’t want to ask yourself why – tell yourself what you’re going to do to correct yourself.

I’m avoiding my art. I’m going to go through my portfolio and pull pieces that speak to me.