Ne-Yo – Let Me Love You

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I love Ne-Yo, (who wouldn’t want a gentleman?) he is definitely on the top half of my list of favorite artists.   There is just something about his voice and lyrics that are so relaxing and with PK away for the week, I definitely need some serenading.  I remember listening to Ne-Yo a lot when I was in college; So Sick, Sexy Love, Mad, Because of You, When You’re Mad and so many more! I love this song because it came out at the perfect time for me and PK.  It was another one of those songs where he’d reach out for my hand and hold it while the song was playing on the radio.  <3 Perfection. What is your favorite …

Phillip Phillips – Home

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For someone who has never really felt like they had a “home” and by home I don’t mean my parents house — that’s definitely my home, but a childhood home…but an adult home.  A place that I could say I belong — as an adult.  Home by Phillip Phillips (an American Idol winner) really tugged at my heart strings the first time I heard it.  I love his voice and the acoustic feel to the song.  Must be the southerner in me. PK and I listened to this song a lot when we were apartment hunting in November 2012.  Whenever we were driving back after seeing some crummy hole-in-the-wall apartment or something that wasn’t quite feasible, I’d be real bummed out — …

The Beatles – I Want To Hold Your Hand

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Happy Thursday folks! There are so many songs I want to share with you and so many songs I want to constantly hear but sadly there just isn’t enough time.  Maybe I’ll implement a song of the day, then again I dont know if I have that many songs.  But we’ll experiment 🙂 This weeks song was Pink – Just Give Me A Reason but I’ve been pining to hear I Want To Hold Your Hand by The Beatles like I pine for chocolate cake, or Oreos and milk. I’ll get to the good stuff, enjoy! Here are some other songs I’ve mentioned on the blog: Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me Lianne La Havas – Tease Me Alicia Keys – …

Ed Sheeran Kiss Me quote

Ed Sheeran – Kiss Me

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I remember life before I met PK.  It was lonely and peaceful, a different kind of peaceful from the peace I feel now.  I would lay in bed and turn on my iPod or put in a CD (depending on how far back we’re reminiscing here) and my favorite songs were usually of loved lost or love found.  On repeat, playing over and over and over again until I fell asleep.  I’d lay there sometimes for hours until 3 or 4 in the morning imagining what it would be like to feel what the singer was describing.  Imagining what it would be like to want someone and be with someone that intently. Now when I hear a love song I …


Lianne la Havas – Tease Me

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Sharing an artist I was recently introduced to thanks to Jonathan. I love how smooth her voice is…I feel like it is the perfect way to roll through the week. — Smoooothly – enjoy! Let me know what you think about Lianne and tell me who helps you get pumped for a new week of work/school.

Rape and Abortion

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The following post is purely of my opinion, you have every right to disagree and shed light on the other side of the argument, but you have no right to be cruel just because my opinion doesn’t agree with yours. Women’s Rights is the most important topic to me in this upcoming election.  I am absolutely floored by the things that our countries “leaders” say on these to topics.  Now just to be clear, Women’s Rights contains all of the following topics: Equal Pay Access to non judgmental healthcare The right to get tested and screened for diseases The right to have sex The right to an abortion The right to be protected by the law (that isn’t dictated by a religious …

What does Financial Freedom Mean to you?

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So this is something I’m constantly trying to figure out.  What does it mean to me personally to be financially free. Does it mean I don’t have to work? Does it mean I can go on vacation any time I want to? Does it mean I don’t have any debt? Does it mean I will one day own a huge house? Does it mean I’ll have a nanny? My own private jet? 5 cars in my driveway? Some ridiculously ugly piece of furniture? As I’m still working trying to define it for myself.  I’ve learned one thing. Financial Freedom means having the flexibility to handle 3k worth of college tuition so my sister doesn’t have to worry about it right …

Throwback Thursdays: Alicia Keys – Butterflies

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A friend posted this video on Facebook with this blurb I read in VIBE yesterday that Alicia Keys called Erykah Badu to play this for her on the piano. Erykah said she cried when she first heard it. It reminded me how much I loved it, too. I believe the song is from 2007, I don’t know how many years old a song has to be to officially be a throwback, but I think 5 years is a good minimum. Read more about Alicia Keys here. What other Alicia Keys songs do you enjoy?

F You Money!

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Money is probably the number 1 thing the majority of people think about. I dont mean money in the sense of investing, bonds, stocks, mutual funds, etc.  But purchases and savings.  Basic needs vs wants. With the way things are in the economy and all the stories I hear on the news and read in the papers it is very difficult for me not to be concerned.  But I’m definitely one of the lucky ones.  I have savings, and I have a job.  Those two things alone are a blessing.  Without the job, I could survive for a couple of months, and after that, well I have options.  Which would be explored when it’s time.  For now though, I’m in …


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Being in the middle of an “Economic Downturn” and hearing words like Trillion Dollar debt and unemployment really has me thinking about my money. Over all I avoid most common mistakes the general public makes around my age. I have never opened up a Credit Card to get a free t-shirt or sandwich and I’ve never maxed out a Credit Card over frivolous items that didn’t hold value to me. In full disclosure, I did max out my American Express (3K) by going to India for my cousins wedding and being unemployed for a month and a half. My current remaining balance is $606.11 after 3 months of aggressively tackling my debt. (That wasn’t my only debt, but those don’t …