The Equalizer – Movie Review

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While Farook was visiting we watched Netflix movies every night which was totally awesome.  So on Sunday we decided to go to the movie theaters.  It was a great way to do something we all enjoy and avoid the crazy heat before we headed to the beach.  #caliproblems After Sunday brunch we bought tickets for The Equalizer with Denzel Washington.  At first I was a bit confused as to why Denzel was doing what he was doing for some random person.  But the action, skill, and story was amazing.  I highly recommend it — skip the box office lines. Buy movie tickets in advance at Fandango.com. I never felt the movie was dragging on or the producers were just filling time.  …


Let’s Be Cops – Movie Review

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#moviemondays We actually watched Let’s Be Cops on a Tuesday because it’s $7 on a Tuesday. But that is besides the point. Let’s Be Cops is freaking hilarious and I think everyone should watch it at some point, seriously. I was having such an off day that PK took me out to the movies. It’s something we really enjoy doing and he couldn’t have picked a better movie. I was not in the mood the laugh or do much of anything really. When I say I was having an “Off Day” I mean I was completely off. We all have those from time to time but I’m so glad this funny as all hell movie totally snapped me out of …


The Intouchables Movie Review

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Last week one of our good friends from NY was flying in and we were just restless and giddy with excitement. Okay I was more giddy than PK….haha could you imagine him “giddy” lmao. So with hours to kill (his flight landed at 5 pm) PK found a movie for us to watch on Netflix. The Intouchables is a great movie. It has the perfect balance of “life” and “laugh” to it. It’s about a quadriplegic man who hires an ex-con to be his caregiver. I’m not sure if there are any ways to “spoil” this movie. But if you firmly believe there are than don’t continue to read but watch the trailer below. The caregiver, Driss, brings light and …


Robak Grabenhofer Wedding!

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The weekend before last PK and I flew to Chicago for Sara and Alex’s wedding!! During the same weekend my best friend from college, Zuber was marrying Kiran in Atlanta! I find it so crazy that my bestie from high school and my bestie from college were getting married on the same day haha. I don’t have many photos since as a bridesmaid I had more important responsibilities but here are the few I did manage to capture. Chicago Airport: Crayons for the kids:   My attempted Chalkboard art signed and approved by Gail and Belle: My amazing bridesmaid gift (robe, converse for the wedding, wine, wine glass, emergency kit, locket) So if you’re following me on instagram you already …

Monday Beats

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I am completely in love with these 3 songs right now!  Granted I’ve already shared 1 of them with you–there is nothing like a friendly reminder. 🙂 What are you currently listening to?  Do you love/hate these songs?

am I wrong

Am I Wrong

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I am certifiably obsessed with this remix.  PK sent this song to me yesterday and I’ve been listening to it nonstop since. When I got into the car after work I hooked my phone up to the aux (old schoool! bluetooth doesnt work for me yet) but yea I had it LOUD with my windows down.  I was singing and dancing to it in addition to practicing safe driver behavior (oh snap, im bringing my work home with me haha). Honestly it was great, it reminded me of the many drives I took through the roads/highways of Atlanta GA trying to find my way home or my way to the next party and sometimes class :-p.  I remember constantly listening to …


Craig David: Fill Me In

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So I was listening to iHeart radio at work the other day. The open space environment is just a bit too loud for my liking and there aren’t many or enough conference rooms so teams and departments have their meetings and status meetings anywhere and every where. Plus there is also the random conversations that happen across the room — but I digress. So I was listening to iHeart radio (can’t remember which station but probably an LA one) and they played: Craig David: Fill Me In Do you remember this song? Man–what a throw back. I remember jamming to this in my room in high school. Yes in my room b/c I wasn’t allowed to go anywhere and I …

Trey Songz

Amazing Jam Session. 3 Random Guys + Trey Songz

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Have you guys seen this?! It is beyond amazing.  I just saw it yesterday and I’m hooked.  I smile from ear to ear every time I watch this! I don’t think I’ve written/shared something that has touched my soul in such a positive way in a while but man was it worth the wait.   There is something magical about 3 strangers randomly coming together to create something so awesome.  They could’ve easily walked by and done nothing but they all made a conscious effort to take part and give a bit of themselves.  No one knew where the recording was going to go, or that it would go viral.  I bet they never imagined it would get them on Jimmy Kimmel …


Easter Weekend Recap

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I was going to share this with you yesterday but the day slipped out from under me.  Don’t you just hate when that happens? Well last weekend went to LA to visit Julio and Mariela for the weekend.  I don’t think me and PK have ever stayed at a friends place for the weekend.  Unless we were being safe and opting to not drive home. Anyhow, they live about 40 mins north of us and it wasn’t too bad.  I feel like we’ve been very lucky to not experience any of the crazy traffic we hear about.  We got there a little before lunch and the fun times commenced! Since this was my first time really meeting them and hanging …


Romeo Santos – Odio

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Yesterday while running errands I was jamming to the radio.  Let me tell you, the radio is so much better during the work day.  As soon as 5pm hits you get the commercials and news and blah blah blah. Granted traffic updates and news is important but sometimes you just want to drown out the day and listen to some great music! Luckily there are plenty of radio stations here in the OC so as I was scanning for more stations I heard Odio by Romeo Santos.  Granted I don’t understand what he’s saying I love the song.  So I hope you enjoy 🙂