Without Knowing How

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I found this quote on my facebook feed from of my favorite pages to follow: Word Porn There is just something profoundly beautiful about the way these words share a sentiment we may have all felt or feel. I also believe it’s important to note the two beings represented in this quote seem to be of two wholes and not to halves trying to be whole.  I’m not saying you have to be fully established within yourself to find everlasting love but at least put yourself on the path to this.  Happiness, love, respect all comes from within and you’ll only get what you give.

Mr. Probz – Waves

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One of my favorite songs this season is by Mr. Probz – Waves It feels like such a “Cali” song but mostly because he talks about drifting and waves and well there is an abundance of beaches here!!  <3 For those of you who are celebrating I’d like to wish you a very Merry Christmas Eve and Christmas (for tomorrow) and for the others Happy Holidays!  I’m actually traveling today and we’ll be back on the 31st.  But I’ll be posting here and there and of course I’ll be on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so make sure you follow me there and don’t miss out!

Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun

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Saturday morning was a morning of rare occurrence.  PK and I both woke up around 5 am.  For no apparent reason, no alarm, we didn’t go to sleep before 11 pm but somehow we were both up and restlessly stirring around. Now there are plenty of times where one of us wakes up before the other (mostly PK before me) but we usually try to keep quiet and let the other sleep.  So the resting half has no idea the waking half is … well awake.  But we were both awake and that was the first blessing of the day. So we’re both awake and there isnt much to do at 5 am so I said “lets go to the …

ed sheeran thinking out loud

Ed Sheeran – Thinking Out Loud

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It is no secret that I absolutely love Ed Sheeran <3  But this latest song is seriously beyond anything I ever expected him to do.  The man can sing and DANCE!  My heart flutters at the thought. Also, how cute is this girl!  She is adorable and I love their chemistry and of course she is seriously skilled. First dance song for our wedding?  Possibly.  Just gotta find someone to teach me those moves <3 and find a dress haha *featured image from google search (youtube)

Otis Redding - Try a Little Tenderness

Otis Redding – Try a Little Tenderness

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It’s getting chilly out and I absolutely love curling up on the couch in a warm blanket and drinking hot chocolate, listening to tunes, cuddling w/ PK, watching a movie, or listening awesome tunes. So curl up, cuddle up, suit up and enjoy this classic! Otis Redding – Try a Little Tenderness


Dawn by Yu Yamauchi

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Yu Yamauchi is a Japanese photographer who has won a handful of awards and many exhibits.  I actually came across project Dawn a while ago.  The photographs are sensational.  I know nothing about photography, I don’t carry any knowledge around what makes a good photo or a “bad” one. What I do know is that when I looked at these, I felt something stir deep within my soul.  Plus, we all know I appreciate a good sunrise/sunset! Here are a few of my favorite from Dawn by Yu Yamauchi: Go here to see more and tell me, which is your favorite? #imthankful for art.  This includes nature, movies, music, paintings, architecture.  All the things that, make you stop and look a little longer, make your …


Winner, November Fun and More!

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Thank you to everyone who participated in the  $10 Amazon Giftcard Giveaway!  There will definitely be more chances to win coming up as the holidays make their way upon us so stay tuned. 🙂 I’m excited about November.  I have a lot of great stuff to share with you and will also be doing a series of #imthankful posts!  More to come next week. 🙂 Also, I found this gem of a video in my drafts (from over a year ago!) and granted it’s not Holiday themed but a little bit of serenading never hurt any one. 😉 Enjoy. The CDZ does it again! The winner of the $10 Amazon Gift Card is Ruth Hummel!  Please send me your e-mail address …

october baby

October Baby – Movie Review

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October Baby is about this girl who finds out she was adopted.  Learning her history is a complicated and emotional journey that touches on the very real truths of the medical industry and the potential realities of abortion in addition to the role and emotions that come with being an adoptive parent. It’s about finding yourself, forgiving others and yourself, letting things go, healing, and understanding what is directly in front of you.  It’s about complex choices that swim through the many shades of gray. The movie flows and there aren’t any instances where the emotions of the teenagers are “overblown” which is a great plus. Abortion is touchy subject and I wouldn’t want anyone to feel uncomfortable so I …


Adele – Someone Like You

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You won’t believe what I found sitting in my drafts!  ADELE!  Can you believe it.  Gosh I remember spending SUMMERS listening to her over and over again.  PK was totally annoyed that I’d turn up the volume every time she came on the radio. <3 ——————> You may remember my Adele post from a while ago. I seriously cannot express to you how much I love this lady.  I’d kill to see her live in person!  But for now, I can’t afford it so songs on repeat and endless youtube playlists and awesome mood reading from Pandora helps me get my fix. Now I’m not sad or unhappy in my relationship, and PK and I are super happy — but …


Tove Lo – Habits (Stay High)

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HIGHHHH ALLL THE TIMEEE TO KEEP YOU OFF MY MINDDDD Super catchy — I don’t believe in using drugs to “forget” things but the song is super catchy and I’m sure a ton of people relate to it. But seriously, the song is super catchy. Enjoy: Tove Lo – Habits (Stay High)