Professional Art Prints

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  Alright so here is the surprise/come back I’ve been working on.  The one I thought I’d be months behind on after my accident. I had beat my self inflicted deadline of submitting my print order by Monday by 3 days and in doing so I got my prints today.  6 Days after I put in my order and let me tell you…I am BLOWN AWAY. I just didn’t ever think this time would come.  I didn’t think I’d feel comfortable really putting myself out there.  But over time (4 years on and off) I’ve slowly built up my skills and my will to follow my passions. AHHH!

The Soul

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Is the soul one entity or a transcendent being comprised of multiple parts and pieces rigged and jigsawed together? I was listening to this song on the radio where he claims he never has to see the northern lights or the Eiffel Tower at night as long as his hand is in hers. I love the song I think it’s super sweet. But I don’t agree with it. Yes, I’m happy with his hand in mine and yes I love our days together. But my wanderlust, my desire to explore, and experience new things feels like a completely different part of me. I guess what I’m saying is you can be happy in one part of your life and not …

Star Gazing

The Moon

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Last week me and PK watched the documentary Antartica on Netflix. It was about how a majority of the earth’s population doesn’t know much about it. How it is so cold, far, and vast that it takes a certain type of person to visit let alone live there. It shared some of the hidden beauties and realities of the circle of life in such a climate. What stood out to me the most was the months where it was mostly dark. The winter. Where there is 2 months of where the sun doesn’t really rise or set but it visible on the horizon and the two months where you don’t see the sun at all. The light and noise pollution …


Friday Nights

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This past Friday was our first Friday night home after the whirlwind of everything and if you know me you wouldn’t be surprised at all to know that I spent the day/evening/night purging! Someone bought us the bar cart we registered for and I had said if we got it that I’d sell my desk. You remember the one I was all giddy about and probably took more pictures of then actually used? Yup that one. Well, like I said I hardly used it and granted I love looking at it but that doesn’t really justify keeping it. Plus someone else may get better use out of it and it puts me one step closer to my tiny house! (hahaha, jk — …


The Value of My Time

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As I continue to make my way through this beautiful life the more and more I realize what is important and what is a distraction. PK is a firm believer that everything happens for a reason. It’s what helps us get through the not such “ideal” periods in our lives. With this thought I believe that my months of unemployment is something I had to experience in order to learn how to better value my life. I’m not saying it makes it okay or that somehow I’m at peace with all of it. It’s still frustrating and I have a lot of baggage (read as “society standards”) I need to let go of but my current position and this realization has …

Killing Me Softly

Lauryn Hill – Killing Me Softly

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Driving home from work yesterday I heard one of my favorite songs on the radio that totally threw me back in time and at that moment I knew I had the perfect #tbt post hahah.  Lauryn Hill – Killing Me Softly was belted loudly and off key probably close to a million times when I was growing up.  I’m pretty sure it was on every burned cd that had my “favorites” I haven’t thought about this song in a long time but the lyrical impact still holds strong. <3

4 in the Morning

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I recently watched the TED video by Rives: The Museum of 4 in the morning It starts off with Rives sharing the poem by Wislawa Symborska and it’s so incredibly beautiful.  But what is even more beautiful is his story and this experience. Watch here: I’d kill to know who LD is and I love the idea of pairing songs to poems.  I’ve always had an interest in poetry but if i were to be completely honestly I don’t always understand them so the interest doesn’t last long. But to pair it with a song, a new song, or even one I’m familiar with.  I feel like that would give the art an entire new experience. I also think this …

the universe exploded

The Universe Exploded

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Last night the universe exploded — I had a series of bizarre visions last night.  Visions that can easily be described as dreams or nightmares depending on the interpretation.  But in the depths of it — they were nightmares, strong, frightening stories and visions that I could see and feel so clearly that I do believe they are true.  In the various alternate realities that co-exist with this one. But that is a discussion for another day. Today I’ll share with you the last vision I had.  The one where the universe exploded right before my eyes and within my reach.  The vision that had shaken me to the core at 4:30 in the morning and wouldn’t let me fall …


Snow Patrol – Chasing Cars

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“Forget what we’re told before we get too old.”- One of my most favorite quotes from Snow Patrol’s song Chasing Cars. This one line to me represents breaking through the expectations and teachings we’re ingrained with from the time we’re born.  I don’t mean this in a “everyone is trying to brainwash you” type of way.  But more in a “What worked for one doesn’t necessarily work for all”….so forget what you were told before you get too old living your life on someone elses terms.  #tbt *featured image found here