RIP MS Angel

Krishna Patel Novice Adult 0 Comments

A couple of weeks ago we lost a really good friend from PK’s friend circle and it has had us; as a group, a couple, and me just thinking about a lot of different things.

Life is so unpredictable. We all know this but with routines, daily 9-5’s, weekly shows, bi-weekly paychecks, monthly bills, yearly holidays. I think sometimes we forget how volatile everything truly is and how our need to control, schedule, and a plan only goes so far.

Rosie died young and suddenly. No long term illness, no known medical issues, one night she was here and the next she was gone.

Another thing I’ve been thinking about. Is in the three years I lived in New York I didn’t spend a lot of one on one time with Rosie. Or other friends PK has introduced me too. We always met in groups during bbqs, birthdays, and other big events and as everyone says she was always kind and always smiling. But I feel like I really missed out getting to know an amazing person.

Of course, we were friends on Facebook so I’d see the dates she went on with Brian, and the quality time she spent with her son Aiden and the good times she had out with friends or at work and I feel at times it may have given me the false sense of knowing her. But when we flew to New York it seemed everyone had fond memories to recall on and remember her by. Real personal bonds.

And it makes me think of who else we could lose without really knowing.

And finally, the thing Rosie has me thinking about the most is our limited time here. What we do with that time and how many souls we touch. We are here for others, to brighten their day, to lessen their suffering, to provide hope, and spread love. It’s important to give…give to your family, your friends, your community.

So with that PK and I confirmed our decision on what we want to do next. We are moving back to SoCal and we are going to work to live the life that is right by us and be better to our family, friends, and community. One day at a time.

We love you Rosie, may you forever rest in peace and know that we are looking out for your boys.

Gone too soon.