Rape and Abortion

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The following post is purely of my opinion, you have every right to disagree and shed light on the other side of the argument, but you have no right to be cruel just because my opinion doesn’t agree with yours.

Women’s Rights is the most important topic to me in this upcoming election.  I am absolutely floored by the things that our countries “leaders” say on these to topics.  Now just to be clear, Women’s Rights contains all of the following topics:

  • Equal Pay
  • Access to non judgmental healthcare
  • The right to get tested and screened for diseases
  • The right to have sex
  • The right to an abortion
  • The right to be protected by the law (that isn’t dictated by a religious institution)
  • The right to chose

I’m sure there are many more.

How dare they, seriously, how freaking dare they tell women what constitutes as an “Honest Rape” or “True Rape”.  How dare they tell us how our bodies should react to these situations.

A majority of rape victims are attacked by someone they know.  SOMEONE THEY KNOW!  Someone close to them, someone they trust.  It’s very easy to say “I know exactly what I would do if I was in that persons situation” or “how could they let that happen”.  I used to think the exact same way.  But guess what, you’ll never know how you’re going to act until you’re physically in that position, until you are so shocked you can’t move or think fast enough to react.  It’d take you a long time to get over how quickly all of this can happen.  How fast you go from point A to point B.

So how dare they, men nonetheless who probably know nothing about a women’s body let alone how it functions or how it “should” function.  How dare they judge us for deciding how to live our lives.

I also learned that women who decide to keep their child, if their attacker is made aware of the child/birth they have the same rights as any other father.  Could you imagine, you’re attacked, violated, abused, and probably some what scared of this individual and you have to let them near you and your child!  How insane is that, how is that even possible?

I’ve seen a couple of arguments that really make me wonder — the following:
If men could get pregnant (especially after rape) abortion would be legal, free, and just as available as Starbucks.
Those who preach Pro-Life are the same people who are cutting funds to help those who are in need.  Those babies who would need their help after their mothers were forced to keep them.  These individuals aren’t Pro-Life, they are Pro-Birth and dont give a rats ass what happens to that child after they are born.  (raise taxes, rid of healthcare, etc.)

Women, if this isn’t the most important issue for you in our upcoming election, please let me know why and what is the most important topic to you,  I’m curious.  If this is important to you, the most important subject to you, tell me your thoughts.  How do you feel about this?  About your rights.  Forget your self given right to judge others and dictate others lives, only speak for yourself.

Women if you agree with the members that are strictly Pro-Life, I’d love to hear why you think this is a better option for women and the future generations of women.

Lets be adults, leave the name calling to the 5 yr olds and simply state your opinion.