One Reason I Get Sad Sometimes Is

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Oh, let’s get rich and buy our parents homes in the south of France… Let’s get rich and build a house on the mountain making everybody look like ants. From way up there, you and I, you and I I’ve been silently obsessed with this song for a week and a half. In these few lines Ingrid Michaelson sums up a few of my life’s dreams beautifully.  It’s not necessarily about the money but providing for and taking care of the two people who have provided and sacrificed for me. So I’m currently excavating my inner self from barriers and limiting beliefs and in doing so I’ve been writing my morning pages.  With that there are sometimes questions and prompts …


Featured Artist: Claudia Mangiamele

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I’m so excited about the response this is receiving and very happy to share our next Artist: Claudia! I work as a creative dance teacher and also lecture a unit entitled “Music, Art and Dance” in our Teaching Creative Dance Course at Mangala Studios of Yoga and Creative Dance in Melbourne Australia. Our style of Dance originates in Kunsttanz (Art Dance) in Germany which was at its height in the early to mid 20th Century. My mother Dorotea Mangiamele had studied with Mary Wigman and Palucca in Berlin in the postwar WW2 period when in 1970 she established the Studios, developing a less choreographed and therefore more creative form of dance which has at its heart the philosophy and practice …


Exploring Hawaii – Part 3

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After an awesome kick-ass tour we decided we wanted to explore as much as we could on our own before our flight.  The next morning I woke up and mapped out the locations our guide had shared with us and picked the best plan of action.  I’m pretty damn proud of my agenda (see feature picture)! Thursday we journeyed out on our own. Exploring most of the northern part of the island, Wamea. It was beautiful. We had breakfast at Hawaiian Cafe and everything was delicious. The pancakes were HUGE! After that we drove to Waipolu Valley. Some hike down to black sands beach or down into the valley where there are waterfalls and wild horses. But the activity from …


Hawaiian Tour – Part 2

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Now it gets fun! Wednesday we had scheduled an all day tour! First we went to Kona Coffee to see how it was made. Granted Im not much into coffee this was lots of fun. The drive itself (off the resort) was worth it. I was happier the further and further we got away from Hilton hahaha. Our tour guide Jon was amazing — extremely kind and knowledgable about everything. After coffee and lunch we went to a bakery and tried some Malasades. Delicious Polynesian donuts. Id show you pictures but we didn’t stop to take any before chowing down haha. After filling our tummy with some treats we visited a gorgeous black sands beach.  The views were incredible.  Mostly …


Featured Artist: Laura Javore

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I’m so thrilled to feature another Artist this week, Laura Javore.  I met Laura through a MeetUp that gathers in Newport.  As someone who has recently fallen in love with the symmetry of Mandala’s, Laura’s work really resonated with me. What are you currently working on? Currently, I am working on the 6th piece in a series that I’ve been devoted to since college. The series is entitled, Flux. The work is rooted heavily in the principles of Sacred Geometry, which is the use of geometric constructs to convey spiritual symbolism. I intertwine the geometric design with organic pattern-work to illustrate the co-existence of chaos and order. All of my work is created on wood panel. I make my own …

Honeymooning in Hawaii

Honeymooning in Hawaii – Part 1

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“Our Plane Leaves Tonight!” That is an exact quote by yours truly. But I’ll get to that. So for our honeymoon/one year anniversary (the debate continues) we spent a week in Hawaii! Originally I was thinking we would postpone the trip until a few months after the wedding b/c I couldn’t imagine planning for both the wedding and trip at the same time. But we had a crap ton of points from wedding expenses and a marketing deal from Hilton Grand Club Vacations and so within a few weeks it worked out that we would be going to Hawaii. Now before I get into the details of our trip. A bit about Hilton and this Club (HGCV). So it’s essentially …

Star Gazing

The Moon

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Last week me and PK watched the documentary Antartica on Netflix. It was about how a majority of the earth’s population doesn’t know much about it. How it is so cold, far, and vast that it takes a certain type of person to visit let alone live there. It shared some of the hidden beauties and realities of the circle of life in such a climate. What stood out to me the most was the months where it was mostly dark. The winter. Where there is 2 months of where the sun doesn’t really rise or set but it visible on the horizon and the two months where you don’t see the sun at all. The light and noise pollution …


Featured Artist: Emily Painton

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As I work on my artist status I can’t help but admire the works for others.  In addition to admiration my curiosity wishes to know who they are, what’s their story, and more.  As everything in my life is currently a wip (work in progress) this new series is as well and I hope you will join me and appreciate the honesty. This week Emily Painton shares her story. What are you currently working on? Currently, I am spending the majority of my time creating abstracts in acrylics and oils.  I also paint scenes of my favorite cities (Paris, New Orleans, Venice) and spectacles like Mardi Gras Day and Day of the Dead Processions.  More and more I am interested …


Feeding My Mind

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I have had such an incredible week of learning and feeding my appetite of knowledge. I’ve learned tremendous new things about marketing. I’ve explored analytics in a whole new way and most importantly, I’ve watched lessons on how to watercolor, travel watercolor, pattern design, batch photo editing in photoshop, and more. It feels incredibly to learn new things. It’s invigorating, empowering, and most importantly fulfilling. In addition to this I’ve been reading like Hermione Granger before exams! Nothing that would give me a step up in the workplace or enable me to teach something in academia but stuff of fiction, fantasy, the imagination. Filling the need for the unbelievable, the possible, and the unknown. With this I get about 4 …


Surya Namaskar

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So about two months ago I was inspired by one of favorite instagram accounts.  The Krissy Project.  A self taught yogi who is just killing it!  With spoof videos and then and now photos. Inspired I decided to put myself on a simple 30 day challenge. (this was while I was still in SC) I’d do a rotation of the Surya Namaskar (Sun Salutation) every day.  I’d build myself up to multiple rotations (one for each side – 2 each side and move up to 12 on each side). Well, on the fourth day we had driven down to Atlanta for a day trip to take care of some wedding stuff and on the way home Shivani (my sister) was …