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This may get a bit long but it has a point…promise. My sister and I are the youngest on both my mothers and fathers side of the family so when we would have a family gathering everyone was always older than us. Even if it was by 2 or 3 years it always felt like the gap was much larger. In our family, your friends were your cousins. It was very rare to have much of a social life outside of the family. Especially before high school. So when I was in middle school many of my cousins were in high school or just starting college and when we would hang out I would quietly listen and sometimes even advise …


Fashion, Style and Confidence

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Happy New Year! Ok ok, I know I’m a little late…actually I’m super late but it’s okay. It’s amazing how long it’s been since I’ve posted in here. What is even more amazing is that I’ve actually been writing almost every day yet b/c I try to get all my thoughts down on paper or text edit first I never seem to make it to posting it on my site. Seems like a kink in the process but in reality I think it’s just whatever I was writing for the past few months was actually for me and not for you. But no need to fret! I’m back and I have something for you. There are a lot of new …

Lunch by the Water

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It’s National Novel Writing Month!  Granted I have no idea what to write about or believe I even have the skill to do something so amazing.  I have ideas for various scenes.  So here is the latest.  It’s a rough…I may or may not add to it and it probably took me a lot longer to write then it will take you to read. Also, I struggle w/ naming characters so you’ll simply find one letter initials.  Know it’s on purpose and because the stress of naming a character is just a bit too much to handle right now.  Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lunch by the Water Trying to keep pace I almost stumbled a few times. I was thankful to be wearing …

A Psalm of Life

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Poetry is something I’ve always wanted to get into but it’s a bit intimidating.  I also don’t want to just randomly read poetry I would prefer pieces be introduced to me or referred to me by people in my circle. I find it’s better to internalize and appreciate in that manner. That being said I heard a stanza of this for the first time today and it traveled to the depths of my innerself.  It’s beautifully written and not difficult to understand haha. A Psalm of Life Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream!— For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And …


Adele – Hello

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So I was on my way to the Art Supply Warehouse this morning for a huge sale they are having and I caught a quick 15 min interview w/ Adele on the radio. It is no secret that I absolutely LOVE her and this song is incredible.  I can’t wait to hear her favorite from album “When We Were Young” (I believe that is the title) aka Track 4. The new song by Adele – Hello is just phenomenal.  She has truly delivered! Just listen to this… The image above is something she tweeted with this release about how she was always looking forward to the next thing, next stage, next year and never really truly enjoyed the present (or …


Deathly Cinnamon Rolls

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Okay this is a story I randomly made up one night and was sharing w/ the girls.  They thought it was funny and said I should write it up.  Some of the events are based on true events, the names have been changed to protect the identity of the characters, and most of it just made up for fun.  Hope it entertains you! *please note, I wrote it and didn’t reread it so please forgive terrible grammar, typos, and misspellings. kthanksbye Deathly Cinnamon Rolls Laying in bed Kay was reading her latest book, she was obsessed with YA series, or most book series actually but currently it was the YA genre. Already through book 1 she couldn’t move her eyes …


My first Audible!

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My first Audible! I listened to The Girl on the Train and OMG it was the oddest experience I’ve had as of late.  To listen to a book! I felt like Ralphie from the Christmas Story when he tuned into his favorite story on the radio.  I felt like a kid being read to bed.  I felt like a weird adult who was listening to her book instead of reading it. I felt like I was cheating. I found it to be a lesson in paying attention and in focusing.  Not drifting off in my own thoughts but staying alert, active, and engaged.  It was difficult.  Sometimes I’d catch myself trailing off in my own thoughts and missing part of the …

20 months

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20 months… That is how long I’ve lived at my current address.  20 months! You may be thinking “ so what?”  or “what’s the big deal”  Let me do some math for you. Starting August 2005 4 months – dorm 1 4 months – dorm 2 3 months – home 12 months – first apartment 12 months – second apartment with first roommate 12 months – third apartment 3 months – apartment with my sister in Atlanta 1 month – staying w/ a friend in Maryland 2 months – renting a room from someone else in Maryland 12 months – apartment in DC 10 months – living w/ family in NY 12 months – first apartment in NY 14 months …


Featured Artist: Homunculus Studio

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I discovered Homunculus Studio on twitter and absolutely LOVE the concept.  My husband loves small toy sculptures and this would be the perfect addition to his desk.  I just have to think of what a concept to get commissioned.  What a perfect customizable gift that supports an artist. What are you currently working on? I am currently working on various designer toys. What type of environment do you create in? (silence, netflix, soundcloud) I work with movies on in the background in the studio… Like old Henson stuff, and cartoons. What is your favorite medium? I mostly work with polymer clay and wire, but I very much hope to start casting my figures in resin and metals. What scares you …