Our Anniversary!

Krishna Patel Novice Adult 0 Comments

It’s my anniversary!
If you asked my husband it’s our 1st year.

But if you want to be right, it’s our 2nd. lol

The accident last week really threw things off. Luckily I was able to get my cast off this morning and we spent the weekend in Malibu. But this anniversary feels different.

Heavier in some ways.

If you know me then you also know we spent the weekend have board meetings.

Board Meetings – where me and my husband discuss what is working and what isn’t working in our relationship. Our goals individually and together. As well as where we talk about what we need from the other person and what we don’t need (ie. sass lol).

Most folks laugh when I tell them we have these but they are actually lots of fun and it helps us re-align ourselves to each other.

We have some major adjustments coming around this time. PK has put in notice with his current job which means he won’t be gone 50% of the time. Which means we can establish a bit of normalcy.

I, myself, finally feel set and confident in my goals for the next 3 months (b/c that is my new thing — focus on things 3 months at a time) and I’m ready to work and move forward.

It’s funny b/c over the weekend PK was watching Fast and Furious and there is a scene where Vin Diesel talks about how he lives his life a quarter-mile at a time. And I now live mine 3 months at a time — which is a quarter of the year! lmao

Okay I’m done. I still have some other things planned but like I mentioned — my timeline is a bit delayed to stay tuned and stay motivated!