Better Girl Superheroes

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This site is amazing!  Girls submit their superhero costumes and the artist of the blog sketches out their character into these powerful, beautifully designed, and relatable characters. There is a lot of content out there about the unrealistic portrayal of girls so it’s nice to see something more positive for a change! Here are a few of my favorites that I’d love to see on the big screen: They haven’t updated the site in a while it seems and a few of the links are broken.  But as the info says it is something they do in between their other projects.  Nonetheless it doesn’t make it any less awesome!  

brain dump

Brain Dump

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It’s about 2 am and I can’t sleep. I realize I have so much crap on my mind it’d help to get it all down. I hate typing via my cell phone. I don’t care how smart the keypad is. It’s just not the same. I want to heal the world. As of right now I have two ideas. Well 3 but 2 main ones. First. Build tiny houses for low income families in developing countries that can’t afford to send their daughters to school. Take care of shelter and provide teachers to educate woman in math, language, history, science, money, law, self defense and arts. I was thinking a non – profit group but a for profit wouldn’t be …

Being a Thinker

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I found this article on Facebook.  Granted Facebook isn’t the most credible source but I’m always amazed at the vast amount of information I find and learn across an array of subjects.  There was also this one. Depression is a large part of my very personal life.  It is something I feel I have personally battled with time and time again.  As a child I had 1 adult tell me they thought I was suffering from depression and that I should talk to my parents about it so I could get the help I need.  Ha…yea right.  If I had told my parents I was depressed they would’ve asked me point blank what did I have to be depressed about. …


The Fear of Creation

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It’s been a very educational and inspiring year so far. I’m still working on project 4 of 2015 and it’s the first year I’m trying to be consistently and constantly creative. Not scheduled. But a mindful effort of doing something or creating something that fills my heart. There is this underlying fear that used to prevent me from even picking up a brush or pencil that I have seemed to do a pretty decent job of vanquishing. I call it the fear of creation. But from time to time fear rears its ugly head and it takes me longer than I would like to get started on a project or even continue a project I’ve already started. I still battle …


Life After the Wedding

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So we’re about 4 months and 1 week out from the wedding and everything is pretty fantastic. I did have one minor freak out a few days ago but a few hours later the universe unfolded and things worked out, so here we are.  There is definitely enough time between now and the big day for other things to go wrong but for the most part I’m not too worried about it. As long as no one dies, gets terminally ill, or ends up in jail for any reason everything else is manageable. — dontchya think? I know I haven’t been around these past few weeks but I (and PK) have been discussing what we want after the wedding is …

Double Standard

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This commercial: Really gets under my skin.  It’s 3 ladies checking out this male runner.  Only to realize he is friends with their child or something. Now they (the runner/kids) may be over 18 yrs old in the storyboard or what not but imagine the roles reversed.  Imagine 3 guys checking out a female runner who is friends with one of their kids.  How much more of an uproar would there be? The main premise is “don’t feel guilty” about the bars.  I just feel there could’ve been other way to do it. Maybe it’s not a big deal — but it bugs me.  What do you think?


Life is hard

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I feel like I’m always saying this…but change is coming. again. That’s the thing about change…it’s not a one night stand or a “hit it and quit it” type of person…nope it’s there for the long run.  Constantly showing up and visiting, and dropping by. What ever other traits you can think of to further personify them.  I say them because who knows if “Change” is a boy or a girl…and hell it’s not like it matters because that doesn’t alter Change’s behavior or function…so yea — them. The blog is changing, the format is changing, the topics will change (I feel like they do that already so don’t be too surprised) and most importantly I’m changing. So I’ve had what …

LAPD Shooting Homeless Man

What the hell is going on?

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There have been many cases brought to light of police force resulting in civilian death.  There have been many reasons to write and share these thoughts.  These thoughts are a compilation of fears that have been stewing in my mind.  These thoughts are at the foundation with others as to why I fear raising a family. Mr. President, What is going on right now?  What is happening to our country? I’m not sure who else to ask except for our leader.  I also know that you, as one man, aren’t accountable for the actions of all these men.  But seriously what the hell is going on?  Why are so many people dying by the hands of those who are meant …


Valentines 2015

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Happy Valentines Day Folks!  I hope you’re all celebrating your blessings and not falling for mass consumerism. :-p Today I want to share a few things. First my Valentines Day graphic — which I was a bit late on getting up but still super excited about it!  Click on the image to see all available products. 🙂 I know it’s not mathematically correct but it’s cute. <3 The next bit all my favorite tv couples and a few things they’ve taught me about love and relationships. Zack and Kelly — classic. Sometimes we need to travel on different paths for a while to get back to where we need to be. Cory and TOPANGAAAA Friendship is so incredibly important.  As …


Events Occurring Around the World

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For those who are hurting from the events occurring around the world. A few words for you and for me. Take a moment or two – an hour or three and mourn the pain that travels through the streets of your country, home country, and neighboring countries. Say a blessing or prayer for those families and send them light and love to carry them through. At this time there isn’t much else you can do. Don’t fill your time with anger, but with passion, and don’t lose too many minutes within the depths sorrow and confusion but invest your time to the betterment of today, tomorrow, and all the days beyond you. *featured image can be found here