Atlanta Jewelry Supply

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What an interesting place to work and WOW…the mark-ups on jewelry are crazy. I can’t believe some of you ladies pay so much for that stuff.  On a bright note I’m learning a lot and could potentially apply it in the future.  Who knows. I haven’t heard from Joey (Design Symphony) but then again he has a crazy schedule with traveling.  Well that is what I keep telling myself. The more I think about moving…the more I want to.  Going to RIT soon so maybe I’ll figure it out after that.

Temp Job

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So I found a temporary job to keep me busy and financially steady for a bit.  Atlanta Jewelry Supply (AJS)…definitely adds to the randomness on my resume. How was the Phone Interview you ask? I think it went well!  Mr. Coleman (Joey) has lived such an INTERESTING life…it’s incredible.  He sounds so down to earth.  A 20 minute phone conversation stretched into 45 minutes, that has got to be a good sign right? He’s traveling a lot during a lot during the month of October.  He wants to hire someone but doesn’t have a job description or benefits written up.  Hmm…I got some temporary work from him though, just to see how I do. I start at AJS on Monday.

Phone Interview?!

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SHIT…I KNEW COLLEGE RIPPED ME OFF. All they taught me was: Dress professional because it’ll make you automatically sound professional. Make sure to have full battery if using a cell phone. Sit in a quiet area with full reception. He told me to call him JOEY!  His first name!…I’m going with my gut and dropping a “Mr. Coleman” followed by “sir.”  It’s just respectful…who wouldn’t want to be respected. Oh my nerves…time for a run! (“Hi I’m Krishna and I work for Design Symphony” – sounds nice, no?)


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I never really understood this.  I didn’t like the idea of going to an event to talk to people about what they do and see if you could use them or if they can benefit you some how.  Seems like legalized prostitution, no? Well I recently learned it doesn’t have to work like that. I mentioned to one of my friends that I want to move to Washington D.C. (why not, seems so exciting and you always see parts of it in action movies!)  Well it just so happens she has a friend who works in D.C. and put us in contact.  (for other reasons, but that’s not important) Just so happens that he also knows of a successful Marketing …


Career Builder and Monster

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Who came up with this crap?  Seriously? I can’t believe people send the SAME cover letter and resume to EVERY position they apply for. My technique: Find jobs I’m interested and leave them open in tabs. Do something that is a bit slackerish. Research the companies to find out what they are about. Eat. Write up a rough cover letter for each position. Engage in some sort of socializing (phone, facebook, instant messaging) Review letters and make edits. Create “drafts” in my yahoo account. Do whatever I want. Go to bed. Wake up in the AM (before 9am) and send out all the e-mails before my run. People thought I was nuts but there was no way I could just …

Ah the Celebrations

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So one of my good friends is getting married.  It’s such a great time to get together with anyone and reminisce over crazy nights and create new ones. She made a beautiful bride!  The bridal shower, the night before the bridal shower, the rehearsal dinner and the wedding were so well planned and absolutely amazing. Watching them “grow up” has been a great lesson to me.  Sadly I can’t say I made as such strong bonds as they have but it really goes to show what life is all about.  Not the high paying job or the perfect GPA. It’s about getting together and having a good time, despite every thing.  I feel like they’ve given me access to their …

1 Month Later

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So it’s been about a month since I finished my last exam for my last semester of Undergrad. Life has been great – I’m happy to report that I haven’t been sleeping till noon and wasting away watching tv all day!  I also didn’t move back in with mom and dad to save money.  Progress 🙂 I wake up around 7-8 am and have a fruit smoothie and go for a run.  Awesome right?  (it is so I can become hot, but healthy is an awesome add-on benefit!) I don’t miss college – but I am excited/worried about my future.  Excited usually wins.