Messy House

Krishna Patel Novice Adult 0 Comments

So after all the snow – there was ICE and because of the ice, we were home today so in between work and phone calls we decided to get aggressive with our packing.

I think every cabinet/drawer is officially empty.  I also believe (hope) we are 1-2 boxes away from “finished” My house is beyond messy!  I swiffered today and it was like heavens descended upon us!  We donated and trashed a lot of stuff but I’m making it my mission to minimize and simplify my life once we’re in CA.  It must happen, otherwise my future will continue to look like this:

Granted the desk/tv/chest has been sold so this isn’t completely real-time but please, continue.

And again, there are about 5 large suitcases and 3 duffel bags full of clothes.

A picture from literally 20 mins ago.