Living in the OC

Krishna Patel Novice Adult 1 Comment

So this post will definitely need some updating as we continue to get settled.  Our moving truck hasn’t arrived yet so the apartment is definitely bare bones, which I love.  Feel like doing a cart-wheel?  No problem!  The living room is completely empty haha (I haven’t done a cart-wheel since middle school) but no time like the present to practice!

Originally we were looking for places in Anaheim but we settled in Garden Grove.  The end result is that we’re still living in the OC, which is nice because every time I think OC I think blue beaches and gorgeous sunsets haha.  I love it here, the highways have 3+ lanes, parking is hardly an issue, and uncrowded shopping centers! <3 I think I’ve been to Target once a day since we got here haha.

We definitely have some plans for the new space but we want to tread slowly.  Our last apartment was fully furnished by the 2nd month and we’d like to try a different approach this time around.

We sold our desk in NY so PK definitely needed one to start working so that was our first purchase, plus a few chairs.  Everything else we will purchase (or try to) as we desperately need it.  We have a 6 month lease here and as nice as it is we haven’t completely decided if we want to extend it.  Which means the more furniture the more to move, so we’re trying to keep it simple.  Besides, those beach front properties sure do look appealing 😉   For now check out our space below!

The view outside our apartment door:


Our living room and dinning room (temporary desk location):


Our kitchen and hallway/nook before the bedroom:


The bathroom/bedroom — it’s a mess because we’ve left everything on the counters for now.  If I start shoving things in the cabinets it’ll never get organized.  Every time I walk by I fix something or find a better place for it.  Keeps me from stressing myself out and from looking at a mess all day!

We got a queen size air mattress for $40 so for now it’s our solution until we figure what we want and a budget!  I highly recommend buying stuff online (better deals) and then picking it up from the store.

Our wall to wall closets that have nothing in them b/c our hangers are on the moving truck!

Our private backyard/patio area.  Haven’t been out there but it’s real nice.