Selena Gomez

Labor Day Weekend Jams

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I hope everyone enjoyed their labor day weekend.  I swear long weekends fly by faster than a good sale!

PK spent most of his labor day weekend fixing up his car which means I spent most of my time cleaning the house (deja vu).  We met up with great friends in the evenings for late night labor day weekend bbq’s and cook outs.  Consuming grilled foods, delicious deserts, and drinks upon drinks we filled the air with conversations about Syria, government, education system, Miley Cyrus, bad parenting, and of course the importance of music.

Some of our jams for the weekend:

Selena Gomez ft The Cataracs – Slow Down

The Cataracs ft DEV – Top of the World

DEV – Bass Down Low

Jay-Z ft Justin Timberlake – Holy Grail

Jay-Z – Heaven

Lorde – Royals

Pour yourself another drink and turn the speakers up.  As always – be safe!