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Happy New Year! Ok ok, I know I’m a little late…actually I’m super late but it’s okay. It’s amazing how long it’s been since I’ve posted in here. What is even more amazing is that I’ve actually been writing almost every day yet b/c I try to get all my thoughts down on paper or text edit first I never seem to make it to posting it on my site. Seems like a kink in the process but in reality I think it’s just whatever I was writing for the past few months was actually for me and not for you. But no need to fret! I’m back and I have something for you. There are a lot of new …

Star Gazing

The Moon

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Last week me and PK watched the documentary Antartica on Netflix. It was about how a majority of the earth’s population doesn’t know much about it. How it is so cold, far, and vast that it takes a certain type of person to visit let alone live there. It shared some of the hidden beauties and realities of the circle of life in such a climate. What stood out to me the most was the months where it was mostly dark. The winter. Where there is 2 months of where the sun doesn’t really rise or set but it visible on the horizon and the two months where you don’t see the sun at all. The light and noise pollution …


Better Girl Superheroes

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This site is amazing!  Girls submit their superhero costumes and the artist of the blog sketches out their character into these powerful, beautifully designed, and relatable characters. There is a lot of content out there about the unrealistic portrayal of girls so it’s nice to see something more positive for a change! Here are a few of my favorites that I’d love to see on the big screen: They haven’t updated the site in a while it seems and a few of the links are broken.  But as the info says it is something they do in between their other projects.  Nonetheless it doesn’t make it any less awesome!  



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HOW MAGNIFICENT IS THIS?!  I’ve always had that thing where I could look at something or hear something it would stir something deep within me.  Kind like getting the chills but more intense and wonderful all at once. I actually discovered this piece from my Chromecast! (you guys have got to get one if you don’t have it…even if it’s just for the images that flow through) As you may know I’ve been doing a lot more art stuff as of late.  The more I learn and do the more I want to continue and the further I’d like to go.  But 1 thing I want to do more of is go to Art Galleries and Museums. I always worried if …

Wedding Site 2

So many things!

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It’s been a minute but I wanted to pop in for a bit because I missed you guys and because there are so many things going on!! So, technically I have some grand plans! But what I’m lacking is the hours to execute said grand plans. So until I find the balance we’re in a bit of a holding pattern. I have some wonderful things I want to share with you and pictures I want to show you and things I want to talk to you about. It’s pretty intense. The problem I keep running into is that throughout a “moment” I focus on being completely present and after the moment is complete I’m finding it difficult to go back …

1975 Porsche 911S

1975 Porsche 911S

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PK was dream car shopping a few months ago as we were discussing wedding details.  I asked him what car we’re riding in that day, that always gets him super excited about wedding stuff haha, so he showed me the 1975 Porsche 911S and let me tell you folks — I’m in LOVE! Yes the year is VITAL to the love of this vehicle. Aside from the fact that it is aesthetically pleasing I couldn’t tell you much else about it.  So instead here are a bunch of pictures!


Dawn by Yu Yamauchi

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Yu Yamauchi is a Japanese photographer who has won a handful of awards and many exhibits.  I actually came across project Dawn a while ago.  The photographs are sensational.  I know nothing about photography, I don’t carry any knowledge around what makes a good photo or a “bad” one. What I do know is that when I looked at these, I felt something stir deep within my soul.  Plus, we all know I appreciate a good sunrise/sunset! Here are a few of my favorite from Dawn by Yu Yamauchi: Go here to see more and tell me, which is your favorite? #imthankful for art.  This includes nature, movies, music, paintings, architecture.  All the things that, make you stop and look a little longer, make your …


The Post Internazionale – Human Rights

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The Post Internazionale – I found their Facebook page via the photos you see below. I’ll be real honest with you.  I didn’t look into anything else about them.  I didn’t go to their website or browse their Facebook and other social media sites (if they have any) but I did look at these images.  A few times…a couple of dozen times…over the span of multiple days. I believe the following statements apply to all genders.  I know that men suffer and endure many of the same things women do.  Basic human rights for and every person in the entire world.  To choose and decide for themselves. The following graphics bright light to things I knew but had yet to see, collectively.  Messages …


Humans of New York

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If you aren’t following Humans of New York you should.  Like right now…go.  But come back and check out this find! So I follow along on Facebook and I love going through all the photos and reading older posts.  I have this incredible need of reading EVERYTHING I’m obsessed with.  So there is a HONY tab always open within my Chrome browser. Anyhow, there was one update in particular that really stood out to me.  Follow HONY for more amazing insight into the people we see everyday but for now enjoy: She asked if I wanted to hear a poem she’d written when she was younger. (At what age, she couldn’t remember) She then recited it from memory. I had …