Hit, Flip, and Roll

Krishna Patel Novice Adult 0 Comments

I can’t even figure out where to begin.

I don’t know how to even explain what happen.

One minute I was running errands and the next my car is sideways and I’m holding a strangers hand freaking the fuck out. Excuse my language but take a look and tell me it’s not warranted.

This was my car…



The windshield is missing bc they had to pull it off to get me out. Oh, and as for me…I walked out. I walked the fuck out of my windshield.

Excuse the language but it’s just insane. The universe, god, the force — had my back! One scratch, bruising, and a fractured knuckle on my left hand….my painting and writing hand. That’s what I walked away with.

Don’t ask me what happen. It all happen so fast and trying to retell it or remember it for you is just a bit too torturous and I’ll have to do it enough for the insurance company.

I survived, that’s all that matters. Wear your seatbelt folks. Oh and also, work out….seriously. I’ve been busting my ass at the gym for 3 months. Lost 25 lbs and all and nothing made me as grateful as when I was planking while waiting for the fire department to get me out of the car. because if I didn’t my entire body weight would’ve been supported by my seat belt and once the belt was gone I would’ve fallen onto a bunch of broken glass. And let me tell you…that shit would’ve hurt like whoa.

Once the firefighters removed the windshield I was able to even better hold myself up, maneuver myself to get my feet on the ground and walk out of the car I knew that my handwork has more than paid off.

Physical strength is so much more than out lifting your friends, or looking good in those jeans…it’s survival.

I was telling PK and a friend I felt like this was a wake-up call. I call from the beyond to stop messing around with my dreams and my life and act. Step into my greatness. I feel it was the universe’s way of telling me…”I got your back. Look what happen, look at that car and look at yourself and tell me I didn’t have your back.

We were transporting some of our things and I had my little religious shrine in the back seat and when we went to get whatever was salvageable from the car, it was mostly intact. the structure even stood strong despite the broken glass.


I feel like it was the universe’s way of being like, make this life I’ve given you worthwhile. Do something amazing with it. So I will after I take the time to heal.

This isn’t the comeback I had planned and this does change my timeline a bit but bumps in the road are all a part of the journey.