Friday Nights

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This past Friday was our first Friday night home after the whirlwind of everything and if you know me you wouldn’t be surprised at all to know that I spent the day/evening/night purging!

Someone bought us the bar cart we registered for and I had said if we got it that I’d sell my desk. You remember the one I was all giddy about and probably took more pictures of then actually used?

Yup that one.

Well, like I said I hardly used it and granted I love looking at it but that doesn’t really justify keeping it. Plus someone else may get better use out of it and it puts me one step closer to my tiny house! (hahaha, jk — sort of).

I love downsizing, I love organizing and being more efficient with my space and having room to walk, dance, jump, sit and breathe. I think it’s hard to part with things you have if you like the way they look even if you don’t have use for them. It is definitely part of the problem when it comes to clutter so every time I can let go of something I absolutely love I feel my logical muscle getting a bit stronger.

The changes aren’t obvious to anyone — especially since we just put the desk (and my monitor) up on craigslist. And once they’re gone it’ll only change the way the window looks. But we’ll feel the difference and that is the most important. Since we’re the ones who live here.

Soon we’ll have this gorgeous bar cart. We’re contemplating putting it together or waiting to see if we decide to move after November. Honestly though I think we should move sooner if that is the deciding factor b/c I totally want to use it! lol The hostess in me is just dying to invite everyone over for drinks!

I just need to get the rest of our bar glasses from the registry now. I wonder how long I should wait until I just buy themselves lol.

We even bought some games for the bar cart. I’m not sure exactly how it’ll work just yet but I think drinking and board games are a wonderful combination!

Bonus: I found a lot of watercolor paper! I’m having such a hard time with it but I guess it’s the universe’s way of saying I gotta practice and try harder.

Yay for a good week 🙂

Also, this task took me all day and granted I did take a few breaks while I tried to figure out where to my personal items.  I finished the project in the same day!  So yay for that little goal for mine. Things are going well!