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Engagement Dinner: Party of 2

Krishna Patel Novice Adult 0 Comments

And boy was it a party!  So yesterday I mentioned how it was date night.  Well me and PK picked a spot that was more expensive than our usual places (3 dollar signs on Yelp instead of 2) haha.  OMG it was phenomenal !

We did feel a bit out of place at first but the staff was incredibly friendly and answered all our questions.

We dinner at Triomphe and I’m going to shamelessly  grab photos off their site to show you the progression of our meal since it would’ve been completely inappropriate to have our cell phones out during dinner! haha

Once we were seated they gave us complimentary champagne since we were celebrating our engagement.  We realized we hadn’t really taken a moment to ourselves to let it sink in and to celebrate hence date night so it was real sweet of them to do that.

Then we ordered a drink that I believe was called English Sparkler (no photo found)

For our small plates:
PK: hazelnut crusted sea scallops, spaghetti squash, blood orange beurre blanc

Me: marinated bison carpaccio, sweet potato crisps, baby greens (no photo found)

Salad and Soup course:
PK: lobster bisque cappucino, watercress sabayon (which was a lot larger than the photo below, which could mean this is the wrong photo but you get the idea).

Me: artisan salad, roasted quince, pecans, cranberry dressing

Main Course (I couldn’t find pictures of either!)
PK: leek crusted chicken, forest mushroom cream, spaghetti squash, confit chestnuts
Me: braised lamb shank, cocoa & cabernet demi-glace, rosemary spaetzle, salsify, crispy shallots
It was the best lamb I’ve ever had in my entire freaking life.  You know the expression “melt off the bone” — that is what it did!  I was no longer hungry about half way through my meal but there was no way I wasn’t finishing this lamb.

Then of course dessert, which is always to DIE for. (no photos found)
PK: white chocolate profiteroles, espresso & grand marnier sauce
ME: milk chocolate croissant bread pudding, caramel toffee gelato, crème anglaise

All things considered — the bill wasn’t too bad and the experience is definitely unforgettable.   If you are ever in New York and want to have an amazing meal without dropping too much cash, I highly recommend Triomphe!