Best Quotes from Brain Rules

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I love reading, and I read Brain Rules by John Medina a while back and the quality of the content is worth remembering and sharing.  I found some notes I had written as I was reading (nerd alert!) but here is a mixture of quotes from the book and my thoughts — unfortunately I’m not sure which is which.  If you’re intrigued pick up a copy of your own and let me know what you think!
It was in our best interest to teach well: our genetic survival depended on our ability to protect the little ones.
If you look into our evolutionary process. Our ability from walking on all fours to just our two legs. Or knowing if we bang a rock with another we can sharpen it to use. You would be amazed.
The more unread about where we came from as humans and what we now know due to research and technology. It saddens me this country or our world isn’t in a better place.
We went from creating symbols to communicate to over 1000 different languages.
Survival was base on our ability to teach grow and adapt.
We no longer adapt. We freak out at any sign of change and spend hours upon hours petitioning against it. We fear change.  I believe we have the misconception we are above it all. We are mankind. We control it all, right? FALSE!
We have grown, but not our minds. We have grown our waistlines. We have become lazy and a society of convenience. You know what happens a to lazy animals?  they become extinct.
Above all this we have lost our ability to teach. We are cutting school programs and we are making survival only possible for those who can afford it. It is no longer our right to be able to survive. It is a privilege.
Even the privileged, what are they learning really?  How to grow and adapt?  Nope. They are learning about kings and queens and religious warfare. They are learning about revolutions that changed the times but aren’t being motivated to change what is around them.  They are being entertained by mobwives house wives the kardashians and jersey shore.
As important as technology is. As much as it has allowed to live much longer than till the age of 40. What good is it if the quality of our life is constantly degraded. What is the purpose of a long life if our children aren’t taught how to survive. If thy don’t know the importance of adapting, health and fitness, and how to become a part of the world around them, not above it.