Balance Tattoo

Libra’s Strive for Balance

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My birthday is in 9 days! How did this creep up on me this year? I swear adulting gets in the way of what is really important sometimes and as a libra who strives for balance, that is completely unacceptable! So here is my Balance Tattoo!!

Since last year I’ve been mentally creating a new tattoo idea for myself. I have a few I think about on and off but this one speaks to me differently.

As a Libra, I’m a firm believer in balance and as a fan of wolves, I believe we all have an inner wolf, an inner self. That acts and reacts off of basic instincts. Originally the idea was simple, two circles that overlap, one black and one white.  I was going to get it on the back of my neck.  But I decided I wanted to be able to see my next tattoo so this one will live on my wrist.

But over the past year I’ve learned that life isn’t so black and white — that it is just various shades of either. Being an avid fan of the moon it made sense why the balance takes a bit longer. Why we have more than just a full moon and no moon. It is a process, a lunar cycle, a flow of seasons, a give and take.

Balance is the destination and sometimes we forget that.  In order to have a balanced life, we must give and take. So here we are a new tattoo idea.

Granted I’m only turning 29 this year but a friend had a really great idea to use this year as the year to knock a bunch of stuff of my “before 30” bucket list.  Granted I have a life bucket list but I can think of a few things to get moving on.

Here are some of my other favorite balance/moon tattoos:

For Balance Tattoo

for balance


*The image of the tattoo looks pixelated b/c it was made to be 1.5 x 4 inches.