Lunch by the Water

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It’s National Novel Writing Month!  Granted I have no idea what to write about or believe I even have the skill to do something so amazing.  I have ideas for various scenes.  So here is the latest.  It’s a rough…I may or may not add to it and it probably took me a lot longer to write then it will take you to read. Also, I struggle w/ naming characters so you’ll simply find one letter initials.  Know it’s on purpose and because the stress of naming a character is just a bit too much to handle right now.  Enjoy! ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Lunch by the Water Trying to keep pace I almost stumbled a few times. I was thankful to be wearing …

A Psalm of Life

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Poetry is something I’ve always wanted to get into but it’s a bit intimidating.  I also don’t want to just randomly read poetry I would prefer pieces be introduced to me or referred to me by people in my circle. I find it’s better to internalize and appreciate in that manner. That being said I heard a stanza of this for the first time today and it traveled to the depths of my innerself.  It’s beautifully written and not difficult to understand haha. A Psalm of Life Tell me not, in mournful numbers, Life is but an empty dream!— For the soul is dead that slumbers, And things are not what they seem. Life is real! Life is earnest! And …

the universe exploded

The Universe Exploded

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Last night the universe exploded — I had a series of bizarre visions last night.  Visions that can easily be described as dreams or nightmares depending on the interpretation.  But in the depths of it — they were nightmares, strong, frightening stories and visions that I could see and feel so clearly that I do believe they are true.  In the various alternate realities that co-exist with this one. But that is a discussion for another day. Today I’ll share with you the last vision I had.  The one where the universe exploded right before my eyes and within my reach.  The vision that had shaken me to the core at 4:30 in the morning and wouldn’t let me fall …


Moments of Action

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I was browsing pinterest like 10 minutes ago and I saw this adorable picture of a turtle (see featured image) and the caption said: Writing prompt. This tiny turtle is giving a speech. What is he saying? Who is he speaking to? I dont know why I took the assignment seriously but I could just hear this little guy giving it his all.  So here is my prompt: We cannot ignore the dangers mankind is inflicting onto this planet.  It is an evil that must be stopped at all costs.  We may be small, we may be few, but everyone and everything must start somewhere. You may say to yourself “But I am only one. What could I possibly do?!”  …

Her Words

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Tonight I’m going to share with you something a little different. I watched Ruby Sparks tonight and it got me thinking about a few things, but perhaps more on that later.  For now I hope you enjoy… As she read she wondered why she no longer wrote.  There was once a time where she would spend minutes upon minutes typing away on her keyboard.  Or penciling away on scraps of paper that were never big enough just because the tears made her feel the words she wrote had more value.  Then again she refrains from thinking about that time, or those memories, or the things she wrote about for hours on end.  Hours upon hours, which easily collectively could’ve been …


The Listserve

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So I joined this listserve and it’s pretty neat, you sign up and you get an e-mail from a single person every day.  The single person is different everyday.  They send you stories, advice, quotes, just anything that one person wants to share with the listserve on that day. It’s kind of like a “If you could tell the world anything, what would it be?” They don’t spam me and they promise not to sell my information. Anyhow, I’ve been on it for a while and this particular e-mail moved me enough to make me want to share it with you: I’m generally not big on quoting other people, and maybe this is totally cheesy, but this poem contains what I …