Star Gazing

The Moon

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Last week me and PK watched the documentary Antartica on Netflix. It was about how a majority of the earth’s population doesn’t know much about it. How it is so cold, far, and vast that it takes a certain type of person to visit let alone live there. It shared some of the hidden beauties and realities of the circle of life in such a climate. What stood out to me the most was the months where it was mostly dark. The winter. Where there is 2 months of where the sun doesn’t really rise or set but it visible on the horizon and the two months where you don’t see the sun at all. The light and noise pollution …

Chasing the Sun

Chasing the Sun

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Saturday morning was a morning of rare occurrence.  PK and I both woke up around 5 am.  For no apparent reason, no alarm, we didn’t go to sleep before 11 pm but somehow we were both up and restlessly stirring around. Now there are plenty of times where one of us wakes up before the other (mostly PK before me) but we usually try to keep quiet and let the other sleep.  So the resting half has no idea the waking half is … well awake.  But we were both awake and that was the first blessing of the day. So we’re both awake and there isnt much to do at 5 am so I said “lets go to the …


Dawn by Yu Yamauchi

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Yu Yamauchi is a Japanese photographer who has won a handful of awards and many exhibits.  I actually came across project Dawn a while ago.  The photographs are sensational.  I know nothing about photography, I don’t carry any knowledge around what makes a good photo or a “bad” one. What I do know is that when I looked at these, I felt something stir deep within my soul.  Plus, we all know I appreciate a good sunrise/sunset! Here are a few of my favorite from Dawn by Yu Yamauchi: Go here to see more and tell me, which is your favorite? #imthankful for art.  This includes nature, movies, music, paintings, architecture.  All the things that, make you stop and look a little longer, make your …

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Possible New Cell Phone Cover S5

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In my search of looking for the right cell phone cover I realized that PK and I have some beautiful photos of places we’ve visited. I’m not sure if I will use any of these for my cell phone but I love the outcome and I hope it makes someone else really happy!  Click on the image to see more. 🙂     I love the way these turned out.  I’ll need to go through some other pictures from Cancun and San Diego to see if I can dig up some more.  I’m also excited this could be another way to support PK in his photography.  He’s a lot more into it than I am. It’s funny b/c if we …

Light House sun sets

The Light Between Oceans

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Last week I read the book The Light Between Oceans by M.L. Stedman and let me tell you–this book was far from peachy!  I’m not sure how I came across it or how it ended up on my reading list.  But as I lay in bed at night and I can’t sleep my first order of business is to scan through the hundreds of books from my Amazon Wish List and pick one to read.  At that time, the decision process is simple.  1. Does the design cover catch my attention and 2. Has the price recently dropped? Nothing like finding something to productive to do for a deal! haha The book is primarily about this man who served in a war, has …