Art Therapy

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So I got lots of work done recently. Like everything got a bit of love and I actually tried an attempt at a concept I’ve been wanting to try for a minute! It’s perfect. I was in a bit of a funk but some art therapy completely brought me to life.

First off — you gotta follow Pratik Naik and Bella Kotak. They are amazing at their job and the creativity is so inspiring. They released a photoshop action (basically a PS filter) that people could try on their photos for free and I actually played around it. I have no interested in being a professional retoucher but it would definitely be nice to fix up our personal photos and balance them out a bit. So I spent about an hour or so messing around with the action and MY WEDDING PHOTOS! Surprise Surprise.

Here are some before and afters:




I love what it did to my dress but not so much our complexions lol.

In addition to this, I finally painted my face! Pratik had shared this photo a while ago on his profile.  You can get more behind the scenes for this shot here. BUT AHH IM SO IN LOVE WITH THIS!

But I’ll save those to share for another time. 😉

*ps sorry for the shitty resolution on my wedding photos.  I didn’t want to hurt my page load times!