4 in the Morning

Krishna Patel Serenade 1 Comment

I recently watched the TED video by Rives: The Museum of 4 in the morning

It starts off with Rives sharing the poem by Wislawa Symborska and it’s so incredibly beautiful.  But what is even more beautiful is his story and this experience.

Watch here:

I’d kill to know who LD is and I love the idea of pairing songs to poems.  I’ve always had an interest in poetry but if i were to be completely honestly I don’t always understand them so the interest doesn’t last long.

But to pair it with a song, a new song, or even one I’m familiar with.  I feel like that would give the art an entire new experience.

I also think this would make a lovely cafe idea.  Great for a first date, or a romantic date, or date night in general.  People could be in different rooms/sections or bring their own headphones and get this mixed variety of poems and songs to listen to and read as they sip on their coffees/teas and share their pastries and soufflés.

Mostly I love how reading the poem sparked this memory within his deep subconscious mind.  I personally tell myself that after she tweeted him and he looked up the mix-tape and read the poem again they met up and re-connected.  They got engaged and had a small outdoor spring wedding and are living beautifully romantic lives that the rest of us could only dream of.  Filled with cuddles and music, words of adoration and moments of bliss.


  • This is such a wonderful share. I think the beauty sometimes lies in the memory of a wonderful experience embraced. It would be amazing and ideal if they did reconnect and share in the rest of their lives together. It’d make for a fantastic story. However, I find that the connection he has to the 4am phenomenon is far more powerful. It is the catalyst for some very amazing relationships and connections. Albeit that his “hobby” began subconsciously with his first love, the places it can take him are far more abundant in equal parts joy and mystery.

    Thank you Krishna!